Work, Work, Work

Work, Work, Work


Work, Work, Work

It’s been a busy week here at Mudbug Photography. So many things have to be changed beyond just the website, that it is quite daunting. To top it off, I’m on a self imposed deadline. You see, the first week of May I’m going back to Texas for 9 days, to visit mom, and hopefully do some serious shooting. For that reason I want everything done prior to my leaving for Texas. When I come back from Texas, Angie and I will have a ton of pictures to edit and post for your viewing pleasure.

During the COVID pandemic, I had to take my mom who is my only surviving family member to the hospital. I wasn’t allowed in with her, so to keep myself calm while I waited in the parking lot, I started taking photos of these bushes inundated with these beautiful red flowers.

Z9 Woes?

I’m not really having woes with the new Nikon Z9. Rather, there are so many features on the new camera, which means so much to learn. I almost feel overwhelmed at times. I haven’t been shooting as much as I would like because of the steep learning curve, but I am learning it, and you can expect more new images soon.

Crappy Cell Phone picture of my new Z9

What Am I Doing?

On 22 Apr. 2023 the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program will be having a cleanup Bayou Lafourche day. Seeing how I live across the road from Bayou Lafourche, I think it’s a wonderful, and very much needed event, that I hope to get pictures of. I hate that there is so much trash in Bayou Lafourche, and so much toxins from not very well maintained to abandoned boats. I always wonder at the damage being done not only to the Bayou itself, but to the wildlife that calls it home. So I believe that this is a worthwhile project that I would love to see everyone get behind. Yes, Bayou Lafourche needs the commerce from these boats, but we have to protect the Bayou at the same time!

Tug Working on Bayou Lafourche
Necessary Evil – Tug Working on Bayou Lafourche

What Else?

Up until 5 minutes ago, when I learned the Fort Worth Botanic Garden charges $2500 a day for photographers, I had planned to go there for a day. Obviously it’s a beautiful site, and I would dearly love to get photos of the flora and fauna there, $2500 is just a bit out of my price range. Oh well there loss of free advertising, since there won’t be any images from there. It’s almost guarantied that I’ll go back to the Acton Nature Center which is always beautiful. Probably Hamm Creek Park and Lake Whitney among others will be on the list of places to visit. Rest assured there will be plenty of new images, just unfortunately none from Fort Worth Botanic Garden. (To see other Acton Nature Center images, along with images of Texas, click here.)

Acton Nature Center Purple Flower
My girlfriend Angie loves this picture. The Bokeh effect making everything but the one flower out of focus is something I love to do with my images.

The End Is Nigh

Well, to bring this BLOG Post to an end, as I really need to get back to work, let me say there are exciting things happening here. Keep checking back frequently, as we are constantly adding new images, hopefully getting some new contracts, and happily in a constant state of flux. If you wish to see images of certain things, such as a favorite bird, a place you would like to see photographed in Louisiana or Texas, feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll do my best to get you the image you want.

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