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A Million Thank Yous

This is very much a thank you post to EVERYONE that has helped Heather. A little history real quick. I have PTSD which is why I’m an 80% service connected disabled veteran. Shortly after I was diagnosed a little more than 10 years ago, the VA helped me get Heather as my service dog. They knew how she would help me with the hyper-awareness, anxiety, and depression, but I don’t think they really knew how much she would help me, and even become a part of me. She’s helped me to not become one of the 22. She helps me when the nightmares are really bad. She helps me put the demon back in it’s cage when he gets out. She helps me go out in public. She helps me when the flashbacks come. She just helps me.

A million thank yous for helping Heather my service dog.
Heather my service dog is looking up at her daddy.

Thank You Family And Friends

I also have to give a million thank yous to family and friends. Specifically my Mom and Angie my girlfriend. While neither could help monetarily both as usual were the moral support that I needed. The thought of not being able to get Heather the surgery and instead having to put her down so she wouldn’t be in anymore pain, was destroying me. I would also like to thank Cathey Wilson Youngblood, my godmother for the 3 prints she bought to help me raise money. Linda Horn a longtime family friend who bought a print of Snap my mother’s dog that we had to put down a couple of years ago, when old age was taking it’s toll on him. Finally my friend and customer Ernie Stevens. Ernie is a former San Antonio LEO pushing for better LEO/Mental Health responses and in fact is one half of Ernie and Joe: Crisis Cops on HBO. Ernie bought a glass print of a Cardinal, and I can’t wait for his reaction when he gets it.

a million thank you's Cathey
One of the prints Cathey bought.
a million thank you's Cathey
Another print Cathey bought.
A million thank you's Cathey
And the final print Cathey bought
A million thank you's Linda
The only known face on shot of my mom’s pretty boy, Snap. He so hated having his picture taken, but for some reason he decided to have one good picture taken of himself. A print Linda bought.
A million thank you's Ernie
The on glass print Ernie bought

A Million Thank Yous Northside

A million thank yous to Dr. Craig Jones and the whole Northside Animal Clinic staff. Also a million thank yous to the ownership of Northside. Dr. Jones and his staff did a wonderful job diagnosing what had happened with Heather’s knee, and calming down a distraught daddy (me) when I thought I would have to put her down when I couldn’t afford the surgery. Unfortunately, I am horrendous with names, because the vet tech, a wonderful young woman was absolutely awesome with Heather, and with me. Finally ownership. I owe them a million thank yous. They offered a HUMONGOUS discount on the surgery. So much so, that I think they would have lost money doing the surgery. It’s refreshing to see people and businesses that offer more than just a thank you for your service to Veteran’s and First responders. Don’t get me wrong, those thank yous for my service are welcome!

A Million Thank Yous To Dark Side of Service

A million thank yous to Dark Side of Service. I volunteer with DSoS to help Veteran’s and First Responder’s that are in distress. Whether it be that they are suicidal, need a place out of the cold to sleep for a night, a hot meal, or emergency help with a bill, they do what they can to help. I had to apply like any other Veteran, and the board had to approve paying a Veterinarian what they approved just like any other vet. I am now a testimonial that they do help us.

A Million Thank Yous to Pawsitive Enforcement Project

A million thank yous to the Pawsitive Enforcement Project, who were outside the Wal-Mart Angie works at one day. They were there asking for donations and offering help, and that’s exactly what they gave us. They explained to Angie exactly what I needed to do. As soon as I connected with them, they got to work, and found a vet in Baton Rouge that could help me. Another worthwhile group if you want to help.

A Million Thank Yous to Azalea Lakes Vet Clinic

A million thank yous to Azalea Lakes Vet Clinic and Dr. Suzy for helping Heather and me. Dr. Suzy donated her time and resources to help Heather, and even showed me a lower cost, less invasive, lower recovery time surgery. Heather is not an agility dog, she moves as fast as this old, fat man can walk her, because she’s old and fat too. So TPLO while the better surgery, really wasn’t the best option for her, or me. Plus they are giving me even more years with Heather as my hero and savior.

A Plea For Others Instead Of Mudbug Photography

Usually at this point I plea for people to buy my prints, visit my website and social media. This time, instead of that I ask that you consider one of the following. If you need a vet in the Cleburne, TX area, please consider Northside Animal Clinic. There isn’t a better group of people to take care of your pets. If you need a vet in the Baton Rouge, LA area please consider Azalea Lakes Vet Clinic. If you need help with your pet or want to donate to a worthy cause, Pawsitive Enforcement Project is a place for you to visit. If you want to help Veterans and First Responders in distress, then please consider donating to DSoS, and if you’re a Veteran or First Responder that is in distress, please DSoS can help. We got your 6! Without all these wonderful, giving folks, I would have lost Heather, and that would have destroyed me. So for a final time, a million thank yous to all of them!

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