Busy, Busy And 1 New Revenue Stream

Busy, Busy And 1 New Revenue Stream

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Mudbug Photography Logo

I’m Sorry It’s Been So Long

Let me start off with I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last BLOG post. While in Texas, Angie and I got a call that her mom was in the hospital again, and we had to hurry back to Louisiana. Ms. Joy is doing okay now, but we had several weeks there, where taking care of her was our number 1 priority. Including that someone had to be awake pretty much 24 hours to make sure she was getting her IV antibiotics, and help her to do everything. Things are starting to get back to normal now, and I should be able to get back to taking pictures, and posting a little more regularly.


You may have noticed, we have a new Gallery called Dailies. These are images that are published with my daily Good Morning Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So if you see an image on a daily post that you would like to purchase you can find it in that gallery.

New Revenue Stream, NFTs

So I am also doing a new revenue stream called a NFT or Non-Fungible Token. What is a NFT? It’s a little esoteric. It uses blockchains which is what cryptocurrency uses to give, prove, verify ownership of a digital property. What does that mean if you buy a NFT of one of my images? It means that you would own one of my images (right now I’m making multiple copies of each NFT, usually 10) and it would be verified on the blockchain. I still retain the copyright, but you would own that copy of that PNG. I’m using the Etherium blockchain for mine on Rarible right now. NFTs have to paid for with cryptocurrency, in this case, with Etherium. I also now will sell prints with cryptocurrency, although you will have to email sales@mudbugphoto.com or DM me on social media to purchase a print with cryptocurrency. For prints I’ll also accept other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Solana, etc.

More Changes On The Horizon

There are more changes on the horizon as far as the galleries are concerned. Let me say first, I’m proud of ALL my images. That being said there are some like the Alligator and the Dragonfly that just get to me. When I get done shooting for the day, I import the images into Lightroom Classic so they can be edited and exported into a more common format like JPG or PNG. That’s when I get my first good look at the image, and sometimes, it’s just like WOW when I see it in Lightroom Classic. So there will be more galleries, and different pricing for the different galleries. I’m NOT raising any prices, if anything, some prices will be dropping.

Busy, Busy And 1 New Revenue Stream
A calm day with an alligator just relaxing, and if you look closely a dragonfly on it’s eye ridge. The water is so calm, and it’s so close to the water, you can see the reflection of the gator’s eye and the dragonfly in the water.

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