Kind Of Adrift
This photo is of Port Fourchon a couple of months after Hurricane Zeta hit.

Kind Of Adrift


Kind Of Adrift

I don’t know why, maybe the PTSD nightmares I had tonight, but I feel kind of adrift today. Maybe it’s because of yesterday. You see yesterday I worked on getting the Hurricane Ida gallery ready to go up. Not the pictures, Angie is still cleaning those up and getting them ready for export, but the page itself. The words you’ll read, the things I want to convey about that day and the following months. Sitting through the storm wasn’t so bad, probably because I’m to stupid to realize the danger we were in. It was uplifting afterwards to watch the people help each other, It was also irritating, frustrating, downright maddening the way everyone forgot and ignored the bayou in favor of New Orleans which was not anywhere near as hard. I remember those months of living like cavemen. Having to drive to Morgan City to get gas for the little portable generator we had, and to take a shower in a truck stop every few days. And likely that’s contributing to the feelings of being adrift the I have this morning.

Not All Is Bad

Not all is bad though. Monday Angie and I sat down with the France family to get final approval on the senior pictures I took of their son Zack. I’m happy to say that the job is complete, and they seemed happy with the final results. It always makes me happy to see customers are happy with the photos I took, and the experience I provided. This is a joyous time for them, and the last thing I want is for anyone to stress while we work to provide them with happy, lasting, memories. We’ve even agreed that when the weather and track conditions are right, I’m going to get out and take some more action shots of Zack for the website.

No Pictures This Week?

I did go out and take some pictures this week, but because Angie is trying to get caught up with cleaning up old pictures, and I don’t have much new to publish. Because Angie has so many jobs, a regular 40 hour a week job, taking care of her and me, photo editor, I don’t like pushing her on the editing, unless we have a client waiting. So I promise we have more coming soon. In fact the Hurricane Ida should be up soon, and that will be a very poignant set.

What’s Coming Up?

The first week of May, we are going back to Texas to feed my mom and Godmother some mudbugs. While there, Angie and I will be going out to take pictures, probably a lot of pictures. So be on the lookout for another Texas gallery. I’ve got several local companies I’m trying to sell my digital marketing and photographic services to. Wish me luck on that.

Social Media

Again, you can find us on facebook at mudbugphoto, twitter is also mudbugphoto, and instagram at mudbugphoto. I attempt to make a daily picture post, and I hope you’ll follow me on social media. Likes and sharing are how I get my name out there to potential customers and helps me to recognize when people are enjoying my content. As always you can PM me on all those platforms, and e-mail is and call or text 985-398-0946. Text will get a quicker response, especially if I’m out shooting since I turn the sound off on my phone, but I check it as soon as I get to the truck.

Have A Good Week

I hope you all have a good week. I’m going to try to while I work to bring more content for everyone to enjoy.

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